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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 16, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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and you'll learn how it make a duck call. >> elisabeth: i am. >> brian: i got to go dry off. i'm soaked now! thanks. and we lost. >> steve: we'll do this again tomorrow. see you. bill: nicely done. elizabeth, officially welcome to fox. we are so happy to have you in the family. you heard the heather talking about this a moment ago, there has been a shooting at the navy yard in southwestern d.c. we are work on information who was involved in this and whether that shooter is still active. there was a tweet sent out about it u.s. navy 10 minutes ago.
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that's where we start our coverage that our nation's capital. i'm bill hemmer as we start a new week and we are sorting through the facts at the navy yard. martha: the latest on this active shooter at the navy yard. we want to caution everybody. this is a fast-moving story. we are trying to put together the pieces accurately. there is confirmation there has been one injury in this shooting so far. emergency personnel are on the scene. there is a shelter in place order that has been given for the navy personnel. the navy command center has about 3,000 people, command
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staff, field offices and numerous activities out of this facility as well. they say they buy and build equipment necessary for the navy. they are confirming at least one injury so far this morning in this shooting. bill: peter doocy at the scene. what heather reported is a man described as a male with a shotgun was inside the fourth floor building. which building we do not know. it's a sprawling complex and this is what the associated press is bringing us. the report of a shooter inside a military building at the washington navy yard. police responding to shots fired. a spokeswoman for the fbi says there is at least one victim. that was reported 6 minutes
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before the hour. the u.s. navy reporting on twitter they are looking for a gunman. on the navy yard web site it talks about the navy's oldest shore establishment home to the chief of naval operations and headquarters for the naval historical its wikipedia page also talks about a former shipyard and ordnance plant. it has been confirmed on that fact for this structure. martha: we are looking at this facility at the washington navy yard. we can report to you the active shooter was inside building 197 on the washington navy yard. it happened at 8:20 this morning. 47 minutes ago.
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one confirmed injury. emergency personnel are on scene and there is a shelter in place order issued. this is breaking news situation as we continue to watch this wjla bringing in these pictures to us. bill: monday morning 8:00 a.m. you wonder how many people would have been there. that is unclear at the moment. but when peter gets up here we might be able to update you on that. this is what we are watching in realtime. washington, d.c. police, and the fbi say the report after shooter still inside this washington navy yard. the parking lot, the building in the background we would assume that would be the building in question. but that's just an assumption we are making. u.s. navy reporting on twitter they are on the lookout for a gunman somewhere on this campus,
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southeastern washington, about two miles from the u.s. capitol building. >> we are taking a look at the live shot on the left hand side of your screen. you can see civilians on the street watching trying to figure out what's going on. at 8:20 a.m. this morning, here come the ambulance streaming down the street in front of the washington navy yard. the pentagon is saying three shots were fired at buildings 197 which is the navy c command buildings. at least one injury confirmed at this point as we watch the ambulances pull up in front of the building. obviously this is a great concern. they are trying to figure out who this person is and locate this person. the report that came in a while ago was it was a male on the
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fourth floor of this building and now, you see a s.w.a.t. team vehicle pulling in as they try to prepare for what may come next this situation. and it's evolving. bill: you have to care for the wounded, if there is one or more than one. this is an active scene if the shooter has not been accounted for as that ambulance moves off to the left-hand side of your screen. we'll try to give you a sense of this. that's the shipyard. the southeastern part of washington, d.c. the small map on the right gives you an idea. it's in the northwest part of our nation's capital. how close are you, peter? >> reporter: we are as close
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as the police will let us get here. it's a frightening scene. we pulled up. my photographer and i. it took five minutes to get here from the hill. as soon as i stepped out a man in full military fatigues with a long gun went sprinting down the sidewalk. we saw that man running past. he was going somewhere in a hurry, disappeared behind some police lines. we got coordinated response with officers from d.c. metro, we have seen armored personnel carriers and multiple ambulances. we are as close as they will let us get to that right now. it is pretty chaotic here. as far as we can see along the road to the navy yard, there are at least i would say close to a
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dozen fire trucks. they have the lights on. we are trying to move our car. there are sirens blaring and officers are driving as fast as they can. right now as we move the car, there is a man in full fatigues with the helmet. it looks like he has his finger close to the trigger. he's a u.s. march shawl. >> this started at 8:20 eastern time which would have been 50 minutes ago. do you get a sense of how busy that area is on a monday morning? >> reporter: it's busy, bill. in the building where the shootings took place there are 3,000 people that work there that are sheltering in place. but if it did start 15 minutes ago which is all the reports we received are. they certainly do not have a
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full handle on the situation right now because again it is frantic right now. people are running full speed and many different directions. it's not a situation like you see in a lot of breaking news where everyone is running in one direction. right now in the distance i'm looking at what appears to be some kind of armored -- i can't tell -- it's an all black armored vehicle being escorted by probably a half dozen police cars. and now it is in place with fire trucks and plans and police cars. this is something that you do not like to see rush hour on a monday morning. men in full fatigue with long guns running down a civilian street. i have seen one running up the street one way and one running the other way.
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whatever is happening now this an active situation. bill: we are look at a parking lot in the near frowned and there is a large red brick building in the background. is that your view, too? pete * i'm standing in the back corner of that parking lot. it's almost like you would see with a presidential motorcade with a lot of men on motorcycles with the sirens except they are going fast and trying to get us back as far away as they can. but of minute we are seeing multiple different agencies responding. they all have the sirens on. everybody you can think of is here. in the back corner there are a lot of bystanders coming here including men in uniform who worked at the navy yard and they want to know what's going on. this is tense and chaotic right
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now, bill. martha: what we are watching is the washington navy yard where this morning there was a report of three shots fired. from everything that we can gather from here, from our sources on twitter feeder and all of the other outlets we are looking at, this continues to be an active situation. the way you are describing it sounds like they are not sure exactly where this might be coming from or what areas they might need to cover at this point. is that accurate? >> reporter: that's perfectly accurate. driving in as we were coming closer there were a lot of multiple different ambulances, motorcycles and police cruisers whizzing by us as fast as they could. they were honking their horns and trying to get here as fast as they could. while it does appear there would be one street alongside the navy yard if you are looking at the
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map. m street is where the ambulance activity is right now. but the entire area around, we have officers going in different directions. an unmarked car with sirens blaring is weaving in and out. in the middle of it officers are trying to find out where this active shooter is. it's very carry. martha: we are look at a screen on the right-hand side of the screen. give people a sense of where this is in relation too the capital and the white house. report report our washington bureau is 7-8 minutes to drive here. and so what we are right near the capital. so if i wasn't obstructed by a big building on the right of this parking lot i would be able to see the capital. i can see the washington
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monument. we are not too far away from where the washington nationals play. and again the area really what appears to be -- it's also scary looking on a monday, all the police activity is sandwiched in between the navy yard building and a playground. we don't know what the scene was almost an hour afoe. but there would have been a lot of people out and about. the washington naval yard is $ceremonial and administrative center of the navy. we have officers on bicycles going as fast as they can. there is a sign for parking. i can't tell if there is a garage off there or what. but officers are coming now
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behind me and they are going real fast. and they are they are trying to find this active shooter. but you get a sense right now that they -- they are trying to get it done as fast as possible. but they are desperate to find the person if they haven't already. martha: the earlier reports were these shots were fired at building 197, the naval c systems command building. 3,000 people work in this facility it's an historic place. the oldest naval yard in the country, i believe, in washington, d.c. you can harper the sirens and the tension of what's going on. >> reporter: at this point we only have the reports of one injury. but as i look at the scene we have two additional ambulances coming in with police escorts.
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they are -- they were rushing to get there. that's at least two additional ambulances came in with police clearing the road. most of the road are closed, the ones that were not already. they are making it hard for cars who don't need to be here and involved in the investigation to get close. okay, hold on. bill: , peter, go ahead and continue to get that information. to our viewers at home. one person injured, a gunman on the loose at the navy yarda in washington, d.c. that's according to the u.s. navy. a short inside the naval c systems building 197.
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8:55 eastern time. the way peter is describing this there is a possibility there could be more than one injured based on the number of ambulances being called in. a shelter in place order has been issued. at any given point this area could house 3,000 people working at the naval c systems command add quarters. report * we have been on the phone and we can confirm the details. 3 shots fired. what's significant about this building this is the naval sea systems command. remember what is going on in the mediterranean. we have three naval destroyers and standby in the mediterranean. they are poised with tomahawk
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missiles. this naval sea systems command would be part of the operations center and backup. this is where the naval operations systems -- the heart of it. and we have the pentagon and the navy yard have much involved in what was going to be a navy operation principally in syria. while we don't know anything about the shooter. we do know from officials it's an active -- it's being treated as an active shooting with a shooter still on the loose with at least one person injured. washington, d.c. traffic police are urging people to stay away from the navy yard this morning. bill: we'll come back to you in just a couple minutes and also to peter doocy. martha: we are getting report that two victims can be confirmed, according to the information the officer chris
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kelly from the police department in maryland. it says they cannot give information on their status, the 11th street bridge has been turned into a triawning cente -a triage center. kt macfarland joins us now. she has a deep knowledge of the u.s. navy and our defense play ofout in this area. your thoughts on what we are seeing here this morning. >> the washington naval yard is the beating heart of the u.s. navy. the chief of operations, his official home is there, his wife and family, their residence is on the washington navy yard. it's the oldest navy yard in the country. but more importantly is what jennifer griffin mentioned. this is where the navy plans where its ships go.
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it's not at the navy yard it's the fleet command. it's where the 3 star admiral who is in charge of the navy ships. this is where they are deployed from. this may have other significance. ' the fact that it's the united states naive yind attack in an area -- while we are abroad in areas that have vital to american national security interests not on in the pacific, but particularly in the eastern mediterranean, is there a tie-in? i don't know. you don't just walk up to one of these gates as a tourist, show your driver's license and say i would like to look around his historic place. you have to be on an access list or have an appointment with an employee there, and then you
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have to be escorted the entire time you are there. so this is not anything random. martha: we are confirming there have been two victims as we can report. just look at the rescue scene on site here. the number of fire engines brought into this area. traffic is at a complete standstill. we know that the 11th street bridge has been turned into a triage center. it's important to stress we can only confirm two victims in this situation. so we don't know how much larger this may be at this point. that's all we can confirm. the active shooter is someone being actively sought on this scene. peter doocy said police were basically running in different directions on this property because it would appear they did not know where this person was. building 197 appears to be the central hub of the activity we
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are focusing on. again it's a large campus, a large facility and we don't know where obviously where the shooter is. bill: based on the fact that 3,000 people work there, you can imagine. and on kt's description, how big an area this could be. an active shooter and active scene we are pursuing with our correspondents and at public affairs. peter doocy is there. what have you seen since we spoke 4 minutes ago. >> reporter: i'm as close as civilians can go abe heard a frantic call go out over a d.c. metro police officer's radio. the call for for an officer down. shots fired on the third floor of that building and the call was for an officer down on the third floor.
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we have no report on his condition. but as soon as that call came out more miss tape came out. within a minute of hearing that call go out, an officer down opening the third floor. we saw two helicopters and they are play being as low as you can go without crashing into one of these buildings. in this area the buildings are 3 and 4 stories. we have got a helicopter coming in right now. it's probably 150 feet off the ground circling. it's hard to say what they are doing. they are $circling a little bit away from where that barricade scene is there. they are away from building 197. but the very frantic urgent call was an officer yelling into his radio to all the other officers that there is a d.c. metro police officer down on the third floor and someone respond and said there is a navy doctor in
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the lobby. but we don't know where the suspect is, if that doctor had access to that officer who according to the police radio here on the scene is down. bill: we are still hearing sirens in the background. are there more ambulances being dispatched to where you are? >> reporter: i haven't seen any more ambulances but the addition of helicopters adds to the chaos because they are flying really low. and i can't tell which agent $i they are with. but they are flying low. it would appear that they are looking for something. i'm look at one right now. there is a construction scene with cranes just across the street and the helicopter is flying below the top of the crane to give you a sense of how low these helicopters are flying. the helicopter is flyings well below the top of that crane.
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there is a big parking lot across the street. that's where the helicopter is right not you. it's a u.s. parks police helicopter. blue and white and it's circling around an area only a few blocks wide. about it is a concentrated area. bill: there is a report there is a gunman on the fourth floor. then we heard a report about an officer shot on the third floor. would you say that building is four stories tall or higher? >> reporter: it's hard to tell from where i'm standing because it looks like the lower floors are kind of obscured by another building. this is not something like in a big city ... they are moving me back from m street to l street. but as far as i can tell. it's not a big skyscraper.
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it's a building a few stories tall. 3,000 or so people work there. they are sheltering in place. bill: take a moment to get repositioned. we'll bring you back in a couple of minutes. "washington post" reporting the police are telling the newspaper 3 possibly 4 shot inside the navy yard in that shooting. 8:20 a.m. eastern time shots reported. that would have been about an hour ago. martha: anybody hunkered down in that building, any shooter in that building has got to be sensing the tremendous presence of the effort to find him. there are choppers overhead and a huge police presence. all of these streets have been blocked off to make sure nobody who has done this could get away. "washington post" recording 3-4 vick tips involved in this. i want to bring in ed ziegler
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who is on the phone with this. he's director of public affairs at the navy yard. a frightening and tense morning for all of you. >> this morning we received a report of shots fired in building 197. the police and d.c. metro police responded. this is an ongoing situation, be careful with the reports you get because a lot of this can change as time goes on. martha: understood. tell me about building 197. >> it's the home of the naval sea systems command. it's about 4 stories high. it's about 3,000 folks that work there. martha: what type would most people be arriving at work on a normal day? >> typically between 6:00 and
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9:00. martha: this started about an hour ago, 8:20 in the morning. in terms of the number of people injured can you confirm what you know right now? >> i can confirm there have been multiple reports of wounded individual and multiple fatalities. like i said, the situation is developing and it's hard to nail down what the numbers are at this point. martha: you can confirm there have been multiple injuries and fatality. you feel confident in that at this point? >> yes, ma'am. martha: what about the shooter? it appears from the action we are seeing that that's the case. >> i have no reports the shooter has been apprehended. this an ongoing situation. martha: any reports of the
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short, whether they are in uniform or any reports of people inside the building or cell phones or anything of that nature? >> we have a few preliminary reports, nothing i want to release right now. martha: ode, thank you very much. -- ed, thank you very much. obviously this is a tough morning for all of you. we are hearing from so many viewers. our hearts go out to everybody involved working at this navy yard. bill: we were told 30 minutes ago they were looking for a man. >> i believe the initial description was for a male, yes. bill: that's everything you know, white, black, hispanic, a member of the u.s. navy? >> i don't have any information on that right now. bill: ed with, thank you. chuck nash is with us as well. can you hear me okay? you have been in this area, the washington navy yard -- kt
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mcfarland and jennifer griffin were giving us terrific scripghtss of what they would be doing there. >> the building has a very long history at the navy yard. they don't run operations out of there. the operation are the run out of fleet headquarters. numbered fleet headquarters when you get to the 6th fleet in the mediterranean and the gulf area. the naval sea $systems command, what their job is is to develop and procure the weapons and ships and systems so their job is for acquisition, not for operation. it is the headquarters as i said of that whole operation. so you have engineers, procurement specialists,
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contract specialists. technology folks will be there. it's mostly a civilian organization. navy civilians in the government service. all the way up through ses for senior executive service. and there are uniformed people there as well. but the majority are government civilians. bill: most reporting to work on a monday between 6:00 and 9:00 in the morning. it would be crowded, that's the point. >> it would be very crowd. that would be the point when you first enter that building on the left is the visitors center. bill: what is security like? >> they have scanners. everybody coming in has to put their stuff on a scanner.
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i believe the last time i was there, there was a metal detector. that's certainly the protocol when you enter the pentagon, when you go through the visitor's center. you do that. if you have a government badge, there is a different security protocol. so, you know, when this gets all sorted out, we find out who the shooter is, you have the potential for a visitor who would have gone through a lot of that security or it could have been a badged employee. bill: firearms, are they allowed inside? >> no, absolutely not. no weapons as all. bill: unless you are part of security personnel clearly. >> right. there are armed security people in that building. they are the ones right there
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that you meet as a visitor when you go in after you go through security and you get your visitor's badge and have your escort come down to pick you up. all of that protocol started right after 9/11. prior to 9/11 as a retired naval officer i could show my retired i.d. card and pick up a badge at security and walk anywhere in the building. bill: one more question on the facility, said to be 3, 4 stories in height. but a big sprawling area. would you say that's a fitting description? >> it's a big montrealing area and there are very large internal -- we'll call these vistas where you are walk along and you can down and see a very large opening within the building like a courtyard. it has to do with the history of the building. and the things that's were built
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and pratt says that were done before the building was converted into what is now an office building. bill: sir, thank you, if you talk to sources on the inside and have information, come back. chuck nash on the telephone with us. he knows the area quite well. martha: on the phone with us is robert mcfadden. sir, welcome. i'm sorry you are joining us under these circumstances. we are reporting this morning there are multiple wound and multiple fatalities at this facility. what can you tell us about your understanding of any of this? >> i worked for a number of years myself at the navy yard in southeast d.c. my former organization had its headquarters there.
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very familiar with the base. thousands of people both civilian and active duty on the base. there is only one location where the visitor can enter the base not having business there. or doing business there. you would need a visitor pass and badge. those who have access to the base have a badge issued and enter the base from a number of different locations. but extraordinarily unusual in my time that southeast d.c., washington navy yard, i cannot recall an incident of anything like this before. martha: we are look at views outside the building near building 197 where this happened. the d.c. police are reporting two victims shot. we have seen some reportin repom the post. then our own reporting in
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america's newsroom there were multiple victims wound and fatalities. the chopper remains above, i saw a s.w.a.t. vehicle moving quickly. those were the indications to tell us whether this shooter is still active, correct? >> correct. something like this is a breaking situation. first and foremost securing the scene and detaining the suspect or suspects. the base has its own security force. very good well trained professional. and of course d.c. metro police would be on the scene as well as my former organization, ncis which has its fuel office located nearby. martha: peter doocy is on the ground, our reporter in washington, d.c. he heard someone on the phone near him, one of the security people, saying there was an officer down. our producer on capitol hill
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said the capitol hill police are telling him it was not one of theirs. so obviously that's a great great concern in this -- as it plays out this morning as well. >> that wouldn't surprise me. when i heard the initial reports it was a d.c. police officer, it would be in some ways quite up usual for d.c. metro police to be on the base unless on base for some other business. the base has its own organic police and security force. bill: here is a bit more information. the spokesperson talking in washington saying there were four victims including one police officer. and then there is just another bit of information crossing here, a police spokesman saying it's not clear whether the victims are wound or dead at the moment. so we await the out come as friends and family members at home, they have gone off to work and other places, watching this
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from the outside. wondering if their laughed one is okay. peter doocy described the scene as chaotic. and the plans. people coming out of that building, and the helicopters flying so low above that building trying to secure the area. frankly we don't know whether the area has been secured. martha: whenever you watch anything like this play out. the activity that continues is the best intd kateor that they don't have this person yet. the latest report we are seeing on the wires. the fbi saying this is still an active scene. there is nobody in custody according to this report. the fbi's washington field office the national capital response squad says this is an active scene. no one in custody at this point and in terms of the motive we are still a ways from knowing
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what that is. bill: new york republican congressman peter king. we were talking with chuck mash and he was describing the amount of security and your time and homeland security in the nation's capital working in the state of new york. he talked about how much last had dmaingd this area alone since 9/11. based on what you are watching, what can you add based on your experience what's been implemented. >> since 9/11 there has been a dramatic change and uptick in security. this is about a farther mile, half mile from the capital. bill: based on our calculation 2 miles away. >> it's certainly, the area. this seems to be a lone wolf. this is still unraveling. i don't even want to conjecture
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anything. i assume once it started the fbi and the police wanted to see fit is part of a larger operation. but how he or she was able to get there. how they were able to carry this out and what the current status is, this is a rapidly unfolding matter, and again i heard captain ash, this is something people are not used to in that area. i'm not aware of any type of activity like this at all in that location since i have been in congress. bill: primarily civilians working there where 3,000 people were. >> it's pry police officerly civilians. they are hard work and dedicated people. a place -- it's one location where people would feel very secure. that's why this is i think catching people by surprise, if you will, and why you don't hear
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too many people speculating as to what it might be. there has not been as far as i know any prior history. bill: police are telling the post a lone gunman has barricaded himself inside one of these rooms. this could be a standoff unless police make a move and they are successful. >> metro police, fbi, the naval people work closely together. to the extent the right thing can be done i can guarantee it will be done. bill: peter king, the representative from new york. yothis is one of those cases toy as we watch here today from our nation's capital. martha: looking at the scene on the left hand side of your screen. you see ambulances, scoafers people standing around trying to figure out what's going on in
6:41 am
there. "the washington post" is reporting a lone gunman has barricaded himself into a room after this shooting and that's all we know about who this person is. i spoke with the information officer on the scene and there are photos he morning of some wound on the scene. this an awful situation that we are watching this morning. monday morning, folks heading into work at the navy yard as they do every week. this morning sadly some of them were met by lone gunmen. it would suggest that this person had a past, had some kind of way to get into this building. what we are learning, with it's difficult to get in and out of here without a significant i.d. there is a checkpoint. we see a couple of rescue and law enforcement folks walking along here. it feels in some ways as if they
6:42 am
had zeroed in on where this person was. what we saw initially was the scatter shot attempt to figure out where this was coming from. the sense on the ground now is they have at least narrowed down the location of this gunman. and that's appears to be what they are working on now. bill: peter doocy was one of the first reporters on the scene. we have been in touch with him the past 45 minutes. they moved the perimeter back another block. >> i actually snuck up without my camera and i'm right across the street from the scene. the helicopters are gone and while it would seem because there is less noise, less sirens and less back wash from the helicopters, things have calmed down a little bit. as i walked over here i did see an officer or some kind of law enforcement in shorts and body
6:43 am
armor. he had a long gun, he was wearing shorts and body armor. i have seen d.c. metro police officers running. it's like they were afraid to get staged, then they disappeared behind a brick wall. i can see there is a gate, but then there is a prick wall 7-8 feet tall which would be difficult some see what's going on on the inside. that gate is closed and there are just as many police cars and fire trucks as you could possibly fit on the pavement in front of it. a lot of the officers near that gate which appears to be the main entryway off m street into this part of the navy yard are standing around. they are listening to their radios. they are certainly not in a defensive position right now like bullets are going to come flying. they are protected i a big wall.
6:44 am
some more sirens are coming right now. i'm trying to figure out what it did. it looks like more police cars. looks like it's more police cars and again it's very jarring, bill. we are a few minutes away from the capital and we are used to heavy security here in washington. but to see just after rush hour on a monday someone running with a long gun and shorts with a helmet and body armor on is really startling. the siren you hear right now, i'm a little bit away from our position. but it is some kind of armored vehicle and it's right at the gate. i just talked about that main gate. it's now parallel to an ambulance and a staging vehicle for the district of columbia fire department. now that armored vehicle is up and stopped near the gate. it is -- i'm trying to see --
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bill: a couple basic questions for you. how far would you say you are from the capitol building? >> reporter: within a mile and a half. the armored vehicle is entering that gate that is closed. the gate was closed. they are now opening up the gate. it's the first time since i got in this position i have seen it opened. an armored vehicle followed by two police cruisers is entering the yard where the scene is. no one entered on foot. it's being very quickly closed by two officers. but again that is something new that we have not seen. bill: they are making a move as you are watching that. when you arrived almost an hour ago, did you see an active across was of that builting? what were the employees doing
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when you arrived? >> when we got here ought only people we saw were running in different directions around the scene. but we didn't see anybody running away from the scene. as soon as my car got here 10 minutes after we got the call, i opened the door to the sidewalk and there was a man in full a seeing -- full fatigue with a long gun running as fast as he could up the sidewalk. we saw more of that. a police officer can move the cameras back as far as they can. and this is actually -- this looks like -- i'm not sure what you can see in the cam a a. cam -- in the camera. it's hovering close to the top of that building where we believe the aches. an armored vehicle went in and now that helicopter had had been
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circling is stopped right on top of the building. i would think it was trying to land inside the building. we have seen an armored vehicle going a minute ago. now there is a helicopter for the first time hovering a few yards above that building and now an ambulance is backing in it appears. martha: peter just to jump. for one second from our angle it's an incredible sight. they dropped somebody down off the side of the helicopter. to be sent into that building. i would imagine to deal with this situation inside the building. in what is looking like a standoff that's developing. we saw the swat vehicle go in and now another individual perched on the side of that helicopter. whether or not he's going to go in. amazing work by this pilot. martha: it looked like it was in the shape of a box.
6:48 am
i don't know how you lead a robot off a roof. it could be supply for the police officers inside. the report we were given is this shooter described as a male and not much more beyond that. martha: this is coming from abc news. they are saying the suspect is an adult black male, medium complexion, 6 feet tall and bald. that's an abc news report. bill: if he barricaded himself inside whether it's the third floor or floor, this is headed for some sort of the conclusion at which time we cannot say. there are also various reports coming out of news agencies at washington, d.c. it was not given more information whether they were wound or dead. pap and there are various reports that extend that up to the number of 7. but all of that is frankly unconfirmed and we can't verify
6:49 am
it yet. when the police speak and they will at some point. we'll be able to lock down a little more of this information here. >> reporter: that helicopter is pulling up whatever that is. they are trying to get 3450e out of this parking lot. whatever was dropped down was just pulled back up and the helicopter is flying it look like from where up i can see a person on the side of it and the helicopter is flying directly toward me. i'm in the parking lot across the street. it's slowly going away. and they are heading away from the scene. they are not circling around just yet. they just took off over the building. i cannot see past that building. they pulled something back up
6:50 am
and they are gone. bill: it could be one of the victims. the police officers with big guns, no armor, but big guns are clearing out the parking lot. they want us to get out of here. nobody here but the press like me having any kind of armor or a way to protect ourselves. something is going on. but they are clearing us out of that parking lot and everybody is listening. it did seem like things quieted down a little bit, 20 minutes ago. but things are hot here again. martha: we just watched as peter doocy was describing on the scene, a helicopter hover on the building. they dropped down something you see when someone is hike and there is a rescue.
6:51 am
someone was put into that and lifted up into the helicopter. we don't know it's either one of the victims or potentially a shooter we don't know at this point. we know there are multiple wound on the scene. we cannot confirm any number of fatalities at this point. the highest number we have seen is 7 but it's an active situation as we are reporting. bill: it's an active morning in our nation's capital. this is the news that we have. 9 ought minutes ago a shooting at the naval yard southeast of our nation's capital about a mile and a half perhaps two miles at the most from the center of our nation's capital. and the report we get is that there is one shooter. apparently that shooter may have barricaded himself inside one of the building there at the naval yard and the police responded in
6:52 am
kind. this was a frantic scene 9:00 eastern time. helicopters there you saw one a moment ago. ambulances responding. we are trying to look through and trying to figure out what is the factual on the frowntd and what we cannot confirm. this is what we are hearing through the district of columbia police officer. a gunman shot four people at the navy yard monday. the condition of the victims not immediately clear and the police have not gone in front of a camera yet to verify the information. various reports say more than four. but we cannot confirm that. we don't know what's happening inside that large building off to the right. it houses 3,000 employees, primarily civilian. it's a sprawling complex in south eastern washington as you see on the screen right. martha: we started watching this
6:53 am
at the top of "america's newsroom." at 8:45 reports began to come in that there had been a shooting at the washington navy yard. your mind goes to all sorts of possibilities. we don't know if the shooter worked at this facility. you think of situations like forthood and you try to piece together what might have been the motive. it is an active situation and we don't know how many wound or fatalities there are. but clearly unnerving and tragic morning at the historic washington navy yard which is a center of procurement in this building 197. as kt macfarland says it's the heart beat of the navy and so much of what is purchased and
6:54 am
brought in and out for the work done by the u.s. navy centers in this complex. it's also the home of the washington navy museum which is on this property as well. it's an active situation. bill: nobody in custody. we can confirm that. flights out of reagan national are not being allowed to depart for washington until 10:30 eastern time. that gets you departure traffic destined to ray dan national. that will be a delay in travel in and out of washington, d.c. especially with the number of helicopters trying to secure the area. we'll keep you posted on that when we get more information. kf macfarland is with us, so is chuck nash. jennifer griffin is also with us from the pentagon. i want to get back to kt macfarland and talk to kt
6:55 am
about what specifically would happen in this naval yard. you have been there many times. give our viewers a sense of the surroundings. this not a modern complex with marble and glass. this something you would have seen in george washington's day. a number of the building date back to the 19th century. this is where the navy built its ships up to world war ii. it's where in the war of 1812 that was the major defense for the united states for the white house that was burned by the british. there is a lot of history here. it's also a place where although they no longer build ships there, they do all of the planning for building ships, they do the procurement and the designs for the ships. so it's got a function for the navy that continues as an active function.
6:56 am
it's also an administrative and medical facility for some navy personnel who would go there. as martha also pointed out, it's also a museum. when you think of the united states navy and john paul jones you think of the washington navy yard. it has a long history, a current function and it's also the official residence of the chief of naval operations. whether that has any particular significance in this, it's not known. but that's where the admiral's official residence is. bill: this is civilians, right in in the building they are talking about is where a lot of the shipbuilding -- when a ship is built for navy, it isn't just built, it's built by a contractor, there are designs that go back, congress has to
6:57 am
approve it. the ship is built, the navy that works with the ship builder to determine whether to accept it. where my daughter is stationed in mobile, alabama, the navy doesn't just accept it, the navy works with the contractor. does this system work. do all of these things work as they are suppose to, then the navy accepts the ship. that's the stuff planned at the building. bill: kt, thank you, standby again. we are waiting for more information from the police department in washington, d.c. if the short is barricade i'd inside a room there must be some communication set up so they can communicate with the short. the report we have is there are four victims. we don't know if those victims
6:58 am
have survived their wound.e reps 7 may have been wounded. but that is unconfirmed. it broke out 8:20 eastern time at the naval yard in southeastern washington, d.c. d.c.. it's coming up on the 10:00 hour in washington now. martha: we watch this live scene. these pictures from wjla this morning. people at this washington naval yard on their way to work this morning. we are confronted with a frightening scene. we are under the impression at this point it was a lone gunman. you can see the helicopter flying low above these buildings. weep watched an amazing scene as they lowered off the side of one of these choppers what looked like a stretcher. then something was load into that stretcher. we are not sure if it was one of the wound or not. but it appeared to be that kind of activity they were kayying
6:59 am
out. it has been a chaotic scene in the early moments of this peter doocy reported that police were running all over the place in all directions. then it appeared the activity became focused on this building where we see this chopper landing. it's remarkable that they are either unable or they feel it's the most effective and quickest way to get people out of here. just a couple of miles from the capital, from the white house is where all of this action is taking place. you they seem to be using these choppers to great effect to help the people rounded in this tragic shooting this morning. the early reports are the shooter is about 6 feet tall, adult male, bald, and apparently
7:00 am
barricade inside one of these buildings. we'll continue obviously our live breaking coverage this story out of washington this morning. bill: to our viewers all across country and around the world. good morning and welcome to our ongoingbreaking coverage. i'm bill hemmer along with martha mccal yum. washington, d.c. at the navy yard southeast of the nation's capital statement from the white house. the president has been briefed by the situation in the navy yard. we urge citizens to listen to authorities and follow the direction to the first responders on site. there will be a press conference on behalf of police in washington, d.c. but we do not have word on when that will happen.
7:01 am
but that will be a great source of information. martha: we are waiting for a lot of these stories we have been covering and watching develop to be confirmed. jennifer griffin joins me live as we fin the second hour of america's newsroom with live breaking coverage of the shooting at the washington navy yard. >> it is important to point out
7:02 am
this navy yard where the headquarters is located. you cannot get on without seeing security. it is unclear if this person described as a 6-foot mail carrying the military issued assault rifle, whether he is somebody who worked on the base, had access to the base. be described as wearing a dark shirt and a dark top. we do know security officers were among those injured in those initial moments. martha: tha there have been some pictures circulating that appear to be someone outside the building. we may learn as the pieces together whether or not somebody was fired at in order for this person to gain access to the building. we don't know a lot about how intensive security is as you would expect it would be and it was beefed up.
7:03 am
after september 11 so many of these buildings across the country upgraded their security in the aftermath of all of that. one of the big questions, jennifer, is whether or not it was somebody who worked in this facility or this is somebody who managed to force themselves in from outside. >> obviously it is interesting this is a naval headquarters. the navy has been in the news so much because of its potential role in the middle east, in the eastern mediterranean. you have four destroyers on board, i have been mentioned repeatedly in recent weeks as plans for talks of plans for potential military action in syria but this naval headquarters is interesting. 3000 people work in the building. this is where they essentially engineer all of the top designs of the navy's fleet. this is where the state of the art submarines and naval ships and destroyers are designed,
7:04 am
this is the poles of the navy, a quarter of the navy's budget is centered in this command headquarters were this incident took place today. martha: so much discussion of the naval presence, we discussed the serious situation, much in the news about the cutbacks that have been experienced at the defense department and that has been very controversial as well. you sort of gather up all of this going on and piece together what could possibly be a motive for what appears to be a man in this case who we believe is a lone gunman at least at this stage of the game as we pieces together. bill: at reagan national airport, just across the potomac if you're looking at that map instead of drawing a line from
7:05 am
the middle down to the bottom right-hand corner, go down to the left-hand corner. it is the flight pattern for reagan national. all flights have been suspended at least until 10:30 eastern time, perhaps longer than that. the white house statement was put out 15 minutes ago. we're joined live with more of that statement and what is happening. >> there is a beefed up presents as you'd imagine on a day like this with so much still unknown in washington. visitors walk up just a short space from here. additional cars and personnel with extra security at the white house. here's what we're learning from a white house official telling us the president has been breached several times of the unfolding situation at the naval yard. deputy chief of staff, the president directed his team to
7:06 am
stay in touch with our federal partners including the navy and fbi as well as local officials. urging to follow directions from the first responders on site. the president being kept up-to-date by local and federal officials. here in the d.c. region as it continues to play out. you would imagine the white house has the very latest on what is involved in what can be confirmed. you will remember the president was due to speak about 11:30 eastern time. it has been moved inside for weather concerns. as we understand right now those remarks are still going on as planned. we don't know if the president will address this particular situation if he will have additional information to share at that point but that is still an hour an and a half away and e expect the president will continue those remarks as planned and maybe address the situation. we will find out shortly. bill: good information. in the meantime around the horn
7:07 am
again and get back in touch with all of our correspondence and analysts watching this from afar. do we have peter back on the line? in a moment we will talk to peter because he was one of the first on the scene giving us valuable information. one of the most captivating images we've seen on helicopters landing on that building and literally taking we would look like to us and injured person on top of the roof of that building. martha: incredible work by the chopper pilots this morning. lowering down off of the side brand-new video just coming into fox news this morning as we watch one person go down in an effort to assume rescue somebody, get somebody medical attention from inside of this building. there you hear folks on the ground talking about that individual being lifted back up into the chopper and off it went to the medical facility nearby to get help.
7:08 am
we were talking about the reagan national airport is open to all passengers, inbound flights are still allowed to land as all of this is underway. also confirm the faa halted departures because of the law enforcement incident playing out. another angle we haven't seen of the intense law enforcement presence you see surrounding this area, which is obviously complete lockdown this morning as they continue an ongoing hunt to try and get this person out of the building. they are irritated in according to reports we have right now. bill: the police work is extraordinary when you consider there is an ongoing situation with an active shooter, we don't know where this gunman is inside the building. the third floor, maybe the fourth floor. that person needed assistance.
7:09 am
they will get the aid they need. where are you now, what do you see? >> i am at the corner of that parking lot. one of those helicopters a few minutes ago we saw for the second time cover a few feet above the building and we are about 250 yards away from the top of that building. through the viewfinder on our camera or photographer was able to make out an officer, armored officer being dropped down in the basket. he went behind some kind of air conditioning unit on of the building and went back up the officer was not there. somewhere on top or inside that building now. the helicopter immediately flew away as we have seen it is circling right now. about a half an hour before they started dropping officers and equipment into that building, we
7:10 am
see the helicopter circling like it is right now on a tight perimeter basically following the brick wall that surrounds the complex where it is right now. flying higher than we have seen, it is circling. again we have seen twice people being dropped from that helicopter, and now we're just waiting to see if they come back up with anything but obviously this is a very dramatic thing to see. unless you are watching a movie, you never see an armored person in a u.s. city being dropped on the top of the building where people are working in the middle of the week. the helicopters coming in really low and really slow which it did a few times earlier. it is not stopping but it is low and slow, well below most that
7:11 am
are a few hundred feet behind the building where the situation is unfolding right now. bill: thank you, stand by. new york navy according to reuters reports several injuries with fatalities in the washington, d.c., navy yard shooting. we don't have any hard numbers on that, we will work to confirm that as well. is someone coordinating everything where you are? do you see a lead person directing as we often see in these stories, or is it still too early to reach that point? >> there is a media staging area, but quite frankly the view was terrible over there, so our camera has moved to a different position. we have a producer running back and forth. right now something i haven't seen in a little while, have a hard time getting a live camera
7:12 am
established, walking down the street so the scene is all one block away, right now there is quite a convoy driving pretty fast. they have to get somewhere right now. in the front of the ambulance there is a police car, and behind that there is a police van right on past the scene as i was looking at that, across the parking lot over that building a helicopter came in again. i am seeing one again now with the sirens on it. some of the helicopters we have been seeing are white, parked police, and some black helicopters as well with a maryland state flag on the back.
7:13 am
they just started flying as we can make out was written on them it as i look over at the shot across the parking lot, i am as close as anybody without a badge iand a gun can get right now. it has disappeared behind the building. and here it comes again. it is going really low, coming up, it is doing what it did before when it dropped people off. bill: sometimes we have seen that, and sometimes we have not. >> it is stopped. they are hovering above the building and this is exactly what they did the last two times when they dropped guys with guns inside. in the same position in the back left corner, they are dropping
7:14 am
right now. dropping back, before we saw it was a pullback. right now they're dropping it down walking over toward right now. was there anything in that basket? they lowered an empty basket and using super focused viewfinder right now, the helicopters at most -- bill: we can see that as well, looks like it could have been another stretcher being lowered down. >> the last two it appeared there were people, this one know people. what is on there? we don't know if it is a victim or law enforcement, but as you can see in the shot, they are coming up thank goodness it does not look like law enforcement according to my photographer who has his eyes trained on it.
7:15 am
there is a light rain falling here, but very little breeze which is good time to hoist somebody up into a helicopter. they have loaded the helicopter with someone from the scene. we don't know if it is an officer or a victim they had they are now very, very slowly leaving the scene. martha: it is an extraordinary scene where watching play out there. we know there is a very active police presence peter has reported heading directly with a great direction toward the scene we had there is a gunman barricaded inside the building. the effort is underway to rescue those they can get out of the building. trying to get them out. one wonders whether or not they will ever learn the motive this gunman had because we all know these things and one way or the
7:16 am
other. the gunman talking with what happened or not. bill: the navy news desk is saying several people shot. reports by way of writers and official channels of fatalities. no numbers given, but that is what we're getting through the pentagon sources. several people injured, reports of fatalities and shootings at the washington naval yard. building 197. we don't know what is happening inside that building if they made contact with the gunman or more than one gunman. we're waiting to see just what police can tell us and when. martha: the president less than 2 miles away from the scene, ap reporting president obama getting frequent briefings on the shooting that has occurred this morning at the washington naval yard. we don't know whether or not the government has been located. reports are his barricaded inside the building according to
7:17 am
what we have learned so far and there are several wounded according to several reports several fatalities this morning. bill: washingto washington, chris kelly reports at least 10 shot at the navy yard. that number includes eight civilians, one metropolitan police department officer and one base officer. metropolitan police department says they don't know what division they are affiliated with. 10 shot at the moment inside the red brick building. martha: the same source that described the individual coming from the maryland police department, the individual was 6 feet tall, bald, a man barricaded in the building. several people were shot. there are fatalities this
7:18 am
morning. a tragic, tragic scene as we watch what is unfolding on a monday morning. we talked to the information officer at the naval yard. 3000 people work in this building often arriving to work 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. pictures showed a security guard down outside of the building as the rest of the action appeared to unfold on the third or the fourth floor of this building. bill: oftentimes the numbers change, the facts change with time and we cannot narrow a lot of this down. there is a report through the associated press citing a defense official several killed, as many as 10 wounded in the navy yard shooting just crossing right now on what we call the urgent wire out of washington, d.c. martha: a lot of people where watching all the different
7:19 am
social media praying for the people in this building, praying for the families. it is a terrifying morning to put yourself in the shoes of anybody who has a loved one going through hell right now as thea try to figure out whether r not their loved one has been involved in this. once again, police cars racing through the street, a large bus is part of what we are seeing passed through here. a lot of black armored s.w.a.t. style vehicles have gone in as well. so much professional behavior on the ground we are seeing in the chopper pilots taking people in and out of that scene masterfully navigating what has to be a very difficult situation. again, another one of these structures being lowered from a chopper. this gives us some indication of the fact there are several people who need serious medical attention.
7:20 am
bill: be patient when we report this because we're trying to sort through the various reports to figure out what is legitimate and what is not. another report coming in reporting a defense official again the navy or the shooter is contained but not in custody. you saw peter doocy in the camera lens a moment ago. i want to bring him in it he can give us a sense of what we have been looking at behind him over the past hour and 20 some odd minutes now. we get a little bit of a delay. we will bring you on camera as we see the stretcher being lifted toward the helicopter yet again. we are making an assumption here but we think it is based on information that is good to the assumption is this, there is a victim there whether wounded or otherwise on board that helicopter now being taken away to get immediate medical attention.
7:21 am
that is quite a sight to watch. peter, you are up now, tell us what is behind you and where you are. peter: right now we're at the corner of l and seventh street. it is right down there. this is where we parked our car. this is where we got out a little more than an hour ago and there was a man in full for the long gun walking that way. as we tried to get closer, the radio call went out somebody very frantically go out over the police channel and say there was an officer down on the third floor. this street there are some people gathering but the weather is not great and kind of just a very scary scene. the whole way along here we are starting to see some ambulances take what we would assume the wounded victims away.
7:22 am
something that is different, for the first 45-50 minutes we were here, the helicopters flying really low were circling above the building tops and they would fly this way somewhere to reposition and they would come back. now that they have started lowering the empty basket and picking it up with someone or something in it, they are all going that way. the plan is changing as they are able to presumably get people out or get something out. we don't know what it is, but something is coming out of that building. one of the helicopters hovers just above the scene. bill: is that 197 over your shoulder, or where is that? peter: we believe it is one of these buildings. not the closest building right there, but the one in between the wall you can see a big brick
7:23 am
wall, and smokestacks on the far end of that complex. one of these buildings in between, the white building. screen left of your shot right now. the building it is hard to tell but in the building next to it, the brown building you can see the lights are going off for the fire alarm that has been pulled. those have been going off entire time we have been here. we are standing a block away. just before you came to us an unmarked police officer with the flights on came screeching in with burning rubber to get around one of these things come around one of these intersections to get closer to the scene. we saw the shot you saw it right before i came on, i apologize for the 22nd delay with a convoy of metro police vehicles going really fast and escorting an
7:24 am
empty bus. somewhere down there where the roads are closed past there as fast as they can go safely bordering a little bit dangerous at this time of day the amount of people who are out. you can see there is a helicopter. i will step out of the shot a little bit to see if we can see anybody going down. i'm now about 30 or 40 feet away from the camera. the helicopter doing what it has done before. it is so low to the building again if you were just passing by and did not know something was going on you would think is landing, but it is not. as still as it can be, and it is difficult to see from where i am standing, but this is something we have only seen when equipment and people were lowered down in a basket and now we will wait a
7:25 am
few seconds and see which way the helicopter goes. it has something now up on the side. it looks like right now is that a person? there is an officer writing half in, half out as you can see. what a shot. they have the basket as they fly immediately over us. we have seen two men in full body armor and they just took off. to give you a sense, they just peeled out and went that way. another helicopter there. i just heard what sounded like although sometimes hard to tell, sounds like another helicopter coming around. there is a lot of traffic up in the sky. they are all connected to this scene and it is one of the most dramatic things you can see to see an active crime scene with
7:26 am
officers being dropped down from a helicopter and taken out. bill: peter, thank you be it stand by. this is what the associated press is writing up. defense department officials are several people have been killed in as many as 10 have been wounded at a shooting at the washington navy yard. it continues. the official spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized. the shooter is contained but not yet in custody. earlier in the day u.s. navy said it was searching for an active shooter at the navy headquarters with 3000, a mix of uniformed naval personnel officers working. the exact number of those dead and the conditions of the wounded is not known at this time. >> at ziegler is containin conft
7:27 am
as well. speaking with the navy saying the shooter is injured but has not been subdued as of yet. still active, the shooter is inside not yet in custody. you have to think the reason they are pulling people off the rooftop in this situation rather than bringing them down and out through the building into the ambulance is because there is an ongoing situation that has somehow made it the easiest and most effective way to get people off the roof it i know jennifer griffin has been on the phone with her sources joining us from the pentagon. what have you learned? >> the casualty figures are shifting and changing so we will urge caution on that but we can confirm the shooter was injured, he is now inside building 197.
7:28 am
would not say whether the shooter was in custody. no reports he is in custody as of yet. not clear if he's on the third or the fourth floor but inside building 197 as we speak. we had a description of the sugar, 6-foot tall bald man african-american carrying an ar 15 rifle. the civilian equivalent to military standard service rifle. firing three short verse when it is fired, that is why we had the initial reports when the news story first broke that there were three shots fired at the navy yard because that kind of assault rifle fires and three shot bursts. clearly more shots fired because of a number of injuries were able to confirm. we are hearing there are at least 12 casualties.
7:29 am
we are not clear among those 12 and the numbers could rise that it is not clear how many of those are fatalities. we are told the shooter's injured inside building 197 as we speak. martha: in a clarification what the shooter is wearing? is this an military personnel person or a civilian? >> i think it is not clear at this point in time it would be speculative the type of rifle being used you can't determine if this person was a member of the military. this is a civilian equivalent of the m-16 in essence. martha: jennifer, obviously there is such a large effort to get people out of the building. we just saw peter doocy reported a large bus went by escorted by the police and the rescue effort that is ongoing in these incredible moves of stability by the chopper pilots over the building.
7:30 am
it appears they are trying to get people out and there is an area in the building they sort of cannot penetrate forcing them to do these rooftop rescues. >> member, martha, 3000 people work in this sector of the navy yard at the command where they build and maintain the chips. so they are able to clear some people out but they still have a hold in place order for people in the neighborhood as well as parts of the navy yard so hold in place order went into effect after it began at 8:20 this morning. they think they have the shooter cornered but he is not in custody as of yet and it is an ongoing active shooting and being treated as such. martha: can you confirm, jennifer, they say it is one shooter, a lone gunman? >> right now that is the report we are getting from the scene from navy officials. they are working on the assumption there is one shooter
7:31 am
at this point in time but again this is a fluid situation. even the casualty figure. we are told at the pentagon they are getting mixed reports from the scene. so this is still a very fluid situation. martha: the chief of naval operations according to the reports i'm looking at was there and was evacuated safely. is he the top official at that facility, and have you heard that, jennifer? >> not only top official at that facility, he is the chief of naval operations sitting here in the pentagon, he is the head of the navy in that sense obviously the navy secretary is the civilian leader but this is the top military official in the navy. i do not have confirmed reports of his location at this point in time but that is where he lives, he lives at the navy yard. he is the top navy officer. bill: we have been looking for eyewitnesses.
7:32 am
you're about to hear eyewitnesses near the scene of the shooting earlier today running about 1:45. let's get in on that now. a woman first. listen. >> we were just working at our desk and the fire alarm went off which occasionally there is a practice or a fire in the building and immediately there was an announcement a fire emergency in the building but the fire wardens ran very quickly yelling for everybody to get out of the building now and that is when we started moving. >> so, again, what did you think? when you saw this guy aim a gun and realized he was shooting at you. >> get out as quickly as you can. we were pushing, shoving, falling down. people were climbing the wall trying to get out over the wall to get out, it was just crazy.
7:33 am
>> sounds like it was pandemonium. >> it was. >> was it a long gun? >> it appeared to be a rifle. that is the best we could tell from that distance. >> can you describe the guy, what was he dressed like? >> he was tall, appeared to be dark skinned. he did not have, don't think he had a hat on. he was down the hall far enough that we could not see a face but we saw him hold the rifle and raise his hand in our direction. >> appeared to be a black guy? >> a tall black eye, yes. he didn't say a word. maybe a few seconds and as we were going out the door he turned and started shooting and then made a left to get out of the building. >> 's you all are lucky today. >> yes. bill: you're about to hear a lot of those stories with 3000 people on scene when the
7:34 am
shooting started at 8:20 a.m. eastern time. this is what we believe is the case now. telling us several people have been killed, as many as 10 wounded according to the associated press. a shooting at the washington navy yard official says the shooter was contained but not yet in custody. we also have a report perhaps the shooter had been injured or wounded somehow to some degree i should say inside that building. sir, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> a remarkable coronatio coordn with police watching the helicopters literally evacuate the wounded off of the top of that building while there is an ongoing active soon. who is coordinating it? >> investigations led by the d.c. police department in cooperation with the navy police. the navy police have their own department, they are at the navy yard, and i can tell you they do
7:35 am
a pretty good job, so that is what we are looking at right now. the other thing that has not been mentioned is the police have set up a triage area at the washington national stadium which is only about a half block, maybe a mile away from the shooting scene. they expect more victims to be taken there. my sources telling me there are two confirm shooters. that is still fluid at this time. bill: fox news cannot confirm there are fatalities. several news agencies reportingd that and we will wait to get further confirmation in washington, d.c. do they train for this? how do you train for this? >> every day our ert unit, squad unit train for these types of situations but nowadays we train for these situations with navy police and with capitol hill police also right there as well as several other police agencies including the federal protective
7:36 am
agency so we train for these kind of things day in and day out. the other thing you notice in this particular situation is we got the helicopter up pretty quickly because what we found over the years is we can get a better idea in terms of how many victims there may be, whether or not there is more shooters from an aerial view. much better to look at, so these are some of the new things you're looking at right now on your screen. bill: a few miles west of this location has been reopened for incoming and outgoing traffic. martha has more now. martha: peter doocy is on the scene watching throughout the morning as the news has been breaking and the latest appears to be the shooter has been subdued. peter, what can you tell from the mood and the feeling on the scene right now? peter: martha, don't have any
7:37 am
new information. but hazardous material truck rolled up on the other side of a bush. there is a very large truck belonging and marked up with d.c. police signage and sirens and they are blasting an audio message over the outer wall to everybody inside. it is very, very loud. that message is for everybody inside to shelter in place, stay where they are until an all clear as given that is right here on the outside of the wall. now on the inside of the wall we can see the helicopter, looks like what we have been seeing for the last now close to an hour. they are getting people and getting equipment we believe in and out. something that could have an
7:38 am
impact on the weather is getting a little bit worse than it was. as you look back here, this is a two-story building that is now obscuring the helicopter. that is how low that helicopter is at the scene right now. again, the white building to the right of the two-story building in the foreground is building 197, that is where all the action is right now. there is the helicopter down there. we can't tell of it landed or not. it is just hovering maybe 100 feet off the ground, that is a part police helicopter, but it is the white helicopters we have been seeing taking the basket off the side, they are staying very low and dropping down. this is something, martha, thatt we have not seen. the helicopter going this low in
7:39 am
the front. right above basically all of the fire trucks and the police cars and the ambulances, so whatever's going on inside, we presume they are in constant communication with whoever they have on the inside and now again they have really tightened up that perimeter. if you can make it out in the shot, they have guns sticking out of the helicopter pointing somewhere on the ground. we don't know exactly what is going on over there. they're keeping us pretty far back. those officers have guns and they are directed somewhere outside of that helicopter, martha. martha: this remains a very active situation, and it is interesting they are telling all of the people to shelter in place. one can question if you have a
7:40 am
lone gunman into one area and had been injured as reports are telling us the area would be completely focused on that person. but the news they are sheltering people in place, we saw a few individuals manage to get out, they must have started out of the building in the early going but others being told to stay where they are. the guns pointed towards the ground, correct, peter? >> that is right. they have got the entire one side of that helicopter opened up and as you can see one block away behind me they are moving the emlen's away from the scene. as they leave, more and more personnel are coming in right now driving past the best truck. we are about two hours removed from when the situation first started its almost two after
7:41 am
things started is when they came up with the loud speaker to everybody who was still inside to stay put. they started lasting it out. it was very garbled. they were playing is maybe five or six times before we could make out what they were saying and the message was shelter in place until an all clear is given. to be honest, with the amount of people coming in here, does not seem like that is close. martha: the question raised is whether or not there is another shooter and they are concerned about a second party here. we do not know the answer to that question. that is a question we are asking as well and it is illegitimate one given the police presence we see on the ground and this helicopter that has according to peter's eyewitness report to individuals with guns aimed at the ground and the order given
7:42 am
the people still in those buildings to shelter in place and not to move. we saw them talk about a tall, dark skinned man 6 feet tall, bald who they describe with a rifle. they saw him turn and run down the stairs. we don't know if that is individual who is barricaded into an area according to reports injured at this point. bill: there are pictures from another angle that are quite stunning we think about our capital in the morning. a helicopter flying in the near distance behind it, it is something else we are watching unfold still with very little resolution based on what we can tell. there is a press conference pending. when that happens, we don't know. our reporter has positioned himself at that location. a bit of delay, but i can see steve on the monitor now.
7:43 am
steve, hello. steve: the helicopter hovering overhead, as peter doocy has been talking about. we are a couple of blocks away from where he is. all the evidence possible of a very active policing here. we just had a spokesperson come up to the microphones and say it is a very fluid situation and they would make somebody available to us shortly. we will hear something. we will hear from the metropolitan police in a matter of minutes or whatever they're able to put somebody up but they came and advised us of that. the helicopter was going over when you first came to me several minutes ago. armored vehicles, a s.w.a.t. team feeding past year. unmarked police cars going past year. it seems to have calmed down and we don't know what is happening
7:44 am
on this very historic navy base behind me, but you can see the buildings, some of the buildings of the washington navy yard, one of the oldest is not the oldest navy facility in the united states founded in 1799, the big white building on top of the hill is the main ceremonial entrance to the base where this morning a gunman opened fire and there are conflicting reports we believe some people may have been killed, certainly some injured as we have seen some people being evacuated or at least peter doocy reported on that. a lot of police come a lot of media are waiting. this is very close to home for the u.s. navy as this is the headquarters for the commands where they purchase, maintain and operate all of the navy ships. 3000 people working here as the headquarters for that systems command.
7:45 am
worldwide there are 60,000 people working for it operating one quarter of the entire navy budget. a giant organization headquartered here as we mentioned the chief of operations lives here and he is safe. not so for a few of the people who work inside that main building headquarters command. people keep you posted from this end. we will get back to you. bill: terrific information. how far away are you, and do you see ambulances, helicopters in the air? >> we have seen the helicopters buzzing around. most of the activity is a few blocks behind me. you can pan down the street a little bit. police response vehicles down there. fire trucks, police cars just flashing lights all the way down
7:46 am
as far as you can see 44 blocks. there is a huge facility ranging from here on m street to about fourth street, seventh or eighth street. just a large campus and there has been a lot of activity of course the helicopters still in the air although we are not exactly sure what their mission is. the gunman has been contained but not in custody yet. the situation, while fluid, may not be as lethal as it was earlier. bill: live pictures from the helicopter again. we have seen two or three what appeared to be gurneys or stretchers lowered down and took people away. clearly there were victims. the one image 20 minutes ago, that gentleman in a basket looks to be responding at the time, had his shirt off as he flew overhead.
7:47 am
martha: the "washington post" reporting the police believe they have pinned down one shooter between the third and fourth floor. it might lead open the possibility there is a question about whether or not he is in that area, that may be why we continue to see this beefed-up police presence in the shooters at the ready perched on the edge of the open door of the helicopter with their guns trained anywhere toward the ground where they may see activity they need to respond to. as a precaution, six schools are on lockdown right now. all on lockdown right now. six d.c. area schools, what an incredibly dramatic shot we are seeing as this helicopter continues to swoop over the campus of this property with two armed law enforcement officers.
7:48 am
these are parked police choppers we have been watching going back and forth. just an extraordinary effort of jumping into action when all of this started to unfold. we wait for news on the shooter, whether or not there is only one shooter and confirmed numbers of how many people have essentially lost their lives wounded here this morning. bill: on standby. i want to go back to you because it has been a couple of minutes since we have spoken but you are watching images, what do we need to understand, what do you need to tell us of this operation and how it is unfolding? >> i just got a text message the reason the police believe there may be too shooters, they just get information from two hospitals, george washington
7:49 am
hospital and the washington hospital center where the victims were taken. here is what is interesting. there were two different types of rounds used against these victims so anytime with information like that meaning the one shooter had two different types of weapons or maybe there was two different shooters, that is why we're hearing somewhat conflicting information may be there was one shooter, maybe there were two. the other thing to understand, my sources are telling me they do have a person who they believe is the primary shooter contained on the third or fourth floor building 197. the s.w.a.t. unit here in d.c. have that entire building surrounded on the floor above the fourth floor and below the third floor trying desperately to get this individual to put his weapon down. tyler elementary school less than a block away from the navy yard. what they have done, they lockdown elementary school at
7:50 am
8:20 this morning and the marines are protecting that school as we speak. that is the latest i have right now. bill: we have this word "contained." one would assume there is some sort of communication happening with the shooter. thank you, standby. kt mcfarland, jennifer griffin. peter doocy live at the scene as well. let's drop back in on the pentagon. martha: jennifer griffin working her sources on the story. what are you learning? >> martha, i can confirm what they said, they do believe the one shooter that they had in their sight sites is somewhere n the third and fourth floor. and they cannot confirm at this moment. they say they have no indication there is a hostage situation, but he is not yet in custody. that one shooter is still inside, has not been placed in
7:51 am
custody yet but there are no reports of a hostage situation at this moment in time. we also can report the admiral's chief of naval operations, top navy officer in the navy, the person in charge of the navy who sits on a joint chief was on base at the time of the shooting safely evacuated and in a safe location at this moment in time, martha. martha: thank you. we will rewrite back in a couple of minutes. bill: peter doocy, what you have now? we are live on the air. they were speaking about 10 minutes ago. they had moved your location. peter: what you are seeing in the last two minutes is the helicopters that are coming in and doing some kind of rescue or resupply to people in that building where the scene is.
7:52 am
now we have another helicopter, so it would seem that helicopter is really tightly focused on what is happening. the people inside the building where the scene is. doing a much better multiple block kind of rectangular search and it would appear that is the helicopter keeping an eye on the entire scene. while it is not quite as chaotic as it was when we first showed up, i have got to tell you there are still law enforcement vehicles and officers going in every direction. they just came here to close this off. thepters overhead and pretty steady traffic. we can see an ambulance coming down there. right now we have an unmarked car going backward right here with the siren on. we are at a corner with a few
7:53 am
reporters. one road away from where the scene is, a few reporters on this grassy area and we are in the of it. something else, helicopter assist or helicopter rescue, the weather is really deteriorating here. my shirt is completely soaked through. look at this, this is a helicopter. the same kind of helicopter that had been dropping the basket and now they're just going so low, lower than you ever see a helicopter in a big u.s. city and as it goes about 100 feet away, maybe 1000 feet up we can see another helicopter keeping an eye on things. harder to see the skies are
7:54 am
gray, luckily not too much wind and we have seen the helicopters are able to stay pretty static and the baskets are not moving around but the weather is deteriorating and we would hope that does not become a factor in the attempt and the efforts to try to get hurt people out of the building that we just don't know. things are not pretty with the weather and does not look like it is getting better anytime soon. darker clouds are coming in. bill: thank you, terrific work at the scene. back up against the fence as close as you can get to this ongoing breaking news story. martha: is why we started to get reports 10 minutes before 9:00 a.m. this morning there was a shooting at the washington naval yard. historic place, the oldest naval yard in the country. there are lots of civilians that work here as well.
7:55 am
a lot of plans are created from this central place. a very old institution very storied institution and also where the admiral is based in makes his home. we can report he was evacuated and is in a safe place. the numbers of fatalities and wounded are still a question. the d.c. police reporting at least 10 people were shot. we're waiting for word on how may have been killed, if any, in this situation and how many wounded there may be. flying a helicopter that had to law enforcement officials with guns drawn at areas to the ground transmission there was not another shooter on the scene. another area of question here this morning. his sources told him they were brought to two different d.c.
7:56 am
hospitals and had different wounds in terms of the boards extracted. one of the reasons they believe they could have been a second shooter. bill: talking about the enhanced security of abundance precaution. they continue to my today confirmed active shooter. there is no known threat to the capitol complex which is about 1.5 to 2 miles of the red line you see on the bottom right-hand corner. a press conference will begin any moment now. hello. steve: the metropolitan police department will be speaking here in a matter of moments. they said they will put somebody out and give information as they can. that is the latest we are getting from them. i talked to one of the people in the building at the time the
7:57 am
gunmen opened fire. she said she was in the lobby. a big wide open atrium, so she could hear the gunshots were 3000 people work. she knew immediately it was gunfire and she encountered a security guard with her guns drawn. get out of the building, get out as quickly as you can, get to safety. there is a safety order issued for people to stay where they were. at least some of the people initially in the lobby able to get out quickly at the beginning of this emergency ran for their lives after they heard the gunshots and security officers running around with their guns drawn. just got that from one of the workers in the office building who came under attack this morning at the washington navy yard. back to you.
7:58 am
bill: thank you. waiting for the press conference which could happen at any moment. martha: we heard two witnesses who came out of the building described the shooter. they had seen him, had a long gun. he was a black man 6 feet tall, bald, dark clothing. did not describe him as wearing military clothing at least not with what they saw on scene. a frightening, frightening morning at the washington naval yard as people file into work, 3000 people work at this facility. from ar 15 or perhaps the military m-16 rifle conjecture based on what we know. the people being brought rescued
7:59 am
on these choppers, unbelievably intricate work as they watch them hover over the buildings and bring several individual to safety at nearby hospitals. bill: you talk about a 3000 people reporting for duty getting ready to work another work week, this is not what you would expect. perhaps they were talking about football over the weekend or the washington redskins, the team so beloved in that city that had a poor performance so far, and then this breaks the morning to start the week. we are waiting to find out the totality's, waiting for confirmation on the wounded. waiting to see if the helicopter takes another person away. remarkable morning to watch the development to say the way the police have coordinated with one another. evacuate the wounded if at all possible. hopefully based on reports we
8:00 am
have confined that shooter to a room on the third or fourth floor and take them into custody. martha: there will be a navy yard press conference happen soon. stay tuned for breaking coverage on "happening now." i will see you back at 1:00. jenna: thank you very much. we will bring you to that press conference as soon as it begins. there is a standoff right now at u.s. navy yard in washington after at least one gunman opened fire this morning killing several people. we just heard from the public information officer. there are reports of multiple people wounded, fatalities. we are working on the numbers. another picture of another helicopter coming into the area. glad to have you with us. gregg: the alleged


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